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Draft - June 2024 HCA Meeting Minutes

Draft - HCA Meeting Minutes June 6, 2024 

Zoom meeting attendees: 12


  • Tamara Srader, President

  • Mark Rogers, Vice President 

  • Michelle Arsenault, Secretary

Official meeting called to Order @19:32 (7:32 pm)

  • Committee and Other Reports. 

  • MVCCA (Mount Vernon Council of Citizens’ Associations, Inc.) If you are interested in volunteering, please go to the MVCCA website for more information. You can also contact Tamara and she can connect people who would like to volunteer. 

  • MVCCA - Environment and Recreation (E & R) - Alan Ruof. E & R had a presentation on stream cleanup, and talked about two resolutions: 1) using flood risk for programs, projects, and regulatory changes. Raising taxes by 0.25 cents for storm water would help fund these projects to mitigate climate change. 2) data centers. Heard statistic that 70% of data centers are in Northern VA, and there is a proposal(s) to build more because Fairfax wants the tax revenue. The E & R is keeping an eye on disproportionate use of water and electricity, and the possible environmental impacts. Ray will check to see if there is a website where people can comment or follow along, and will share. 

  • MVCCA - Planning and Zoning (P & Z) - Ray Novitske. 

  • P & Z met this past Monday. There is a project on Lukens Lane (near Mount Vernon/Woodlawn) that has two properties, and the county and developer are in talks to tear them down to build “mcmansions” in their place. Some land was set aside for trees, and this project was approved by the Planning and Zoning Committee.  

  • There is an area on South Route 1 also near Woodlawn slated for new apartments. The developer is asking for a zoning change to move the project along faster. Ray provided feedback to the developer that the buildings looked like 1960 low-income housing, and hope they will be open to design suggestions.

  • P&Z also talked about data centers. County has zoning plans to allow more – even though there isn’t a lot of space. As noted above, the county wants the tax revenue. Cons: Noise from emergency generators using gas; water and electricity usage. Pros: do not add roads/traffic; don’t require new schools. 

  • Huntington Development in front of the Parker Condos: the County may have dropped its idea of a community center on the 2nd floor of the proposed building. It’s unclear whether that is correct.  

  • MVCCA - Transportation Committee (TC) - Jason Zaragoza. Meeting this coming Monday. VDOT will come to talk about right of way acquisitions for Jeff Todd Way to Sherwood Hall Lane. The County has demolished some vacant buildings and has about 8 more to go. This is all in support of the expansion of Richmond Highway and the new bus transit system. 

  • Safety: Jason provided two links: One where people can submit reports of near-misses or dangerous intersections, and one to a dashboard where people can view incidents and see what has been reported 

  • MVCCA - Education Committee - Mark Rogers. No meetings as school is ending for the semester. TS mentioned that there is talk about redistricting. Jamie said there were an extra 100 kids this year, and is supportive of rezoning for schools. Unclear if the Aventon Apartments are part of the Mt. Eagle School district or Cameron. Mark noted that there is a county schedule for school renovations, and they are way behind due to funding.  

  • HCA President’s Report - Tamara Srader. 

  • Public meeting for planning commission - July 10. Link is in meeting invitation. Opportunity for comments on the proposed development on Huntington Ave (that includes the aforementioned community center). FCPS Capital Improvement Status:

  • 501(3)(c). Tamara asked how the community felt about applying to become a 501(3)(c).  The cost to apply is $600.00. There are options for classification, and likely we would fall under “Other” non profits”. Ray noted that the HCA might fall under 501(c)(4()status. Advantages: Donations are tax deductible, as an organization we could apply for grants, could be recognized as a non-profit and seek donations more easily, and there is protection from liability for members. Disadvantages: we would have to file a tax form each year and would have to have bylaws in place for transition planning, when new officers are seated and membership changes. Tamara will ask at the Mt. Vernon council meeting if other local community associations have done this. 

  • HCA Member Time (if you would like to discuss a specific topic, please email Tamara Srader, HCA president prior to the meeting at

  • Incident at Dos Jefes Saturday, June 1. Manager got in a physical altercation with someone in parking lot.

  • Airport Noise has become a problem. Ray has been tracking and reporting. He noted 15 instances in a short period of time that were not supposed to be flying over the neighborhood. They are supposed to fly over the river south, then turn West around Mt Vernon or Woodlawn, however he has recorded them turning at Belle Haven, earlier than they should, and in doing so are lower in altitude and therefore noisier. Tracking here:

  • Please take the Fairfax County Survey about the noise - DCA South of Airport Community Engagement Survey::

  • The meeting was adjourned at 20:11.  


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