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Neighborhood Watch ( is a national community policing initiative endorsed and supported by police agencies across the country.  It is a passive, low-effort way for people to participate in keeping their neighborhood safe and stay informed about security issues.

Participants in the Neighborhood Watch volunteer to keep their eyes and ears open to unusual or suspicious activity as they go about their daily routines.  If they note anything that they think is not worth a call to 311 or 911 but still merits investigation, they simply report it to their Watch coordinator (another volunteer) who is the neighborhood link to the local police force (in Huntington's case, it's the Fairfax County Police).  The coordinator collects each report and passes it to the police liaison without identifying who in the neighborhood provided the information.  In this way community members are able to contribute to community policing while remaining anonymous.  In turn, Fairfax County Police benefit by having alert residents help them keep the neighborhood safe.

Neighborhood Watch

Benefits of Neighborhood Watch include:  

  • Partnerships with Law Enforcement and your Neighbors

  • Reduction in Crime

  • A More Secure and Better Prepared Hometown

  • A More United Community

  • Improved Communications

To participate in Neighborhood Watch, volunteers must attend a short (1 hour) but very informative free class offered by the Fairfax County Police.  Anyone who is interested in attending this class and participating in Huntington's Neighborhood Watch should send an e-mail to  Include your name and a contact e-mail or phone number, and the coordinator (Nick Lombardo) will help you get scheduled for a class at your earliest convenience.

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