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Click here to visit the Fairfax County Website for regular updates on the levee construction.


The levee will run parallel to Cameron Run. The purpose of a constructed levee is to minimize flooding, however street flooding may still occur during extreme events.


The design prepared by ARCADIS includes:

  • Levee - Earthen embankment and I-wall combination

    • 2,800 feet long (beginning west of Fenwick Drive and running eastward to the Riverside apartments)

    • 6 to 11-foot high earthen embankment (height is dependent upon the elevation of the existing ground along the alignment of the levee)

    • 4-foot high concrete I-wall on top of the earthen embankment

    • 13 feet wide at the top of the embankment including an 8-foot wide asphalt trail

    • Average of 43 to 68 feet wide at the base, dependent upon the height of the levee

    • Buried collection drain along the toe of the levee to control ground water seepage

    • New storm drains to connect existing storm drains to the pump station

    • Concrete box culverts and a vegetated swale will divert stormwater from the to the pumping station during large storm events

  • Pumping station facility, located near the east end of the levee

While the levee can help mitigate flooding of houses from the types of storms that have happened in the past, it is not designed to offer protection from flooding that is caused by storms that are greater than a 100-year event (a storm that has a one percent chance of occurring in any given year). 

Huntington Levee Project
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