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The Huntington Community Association (HCA) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to:


  • representing the interests of residents, and area citizen and homeowners associations in the Huntington area within the Mount Vernon and Lee Magisterial Districts of Fairfax County, Virginia;

  • representing residents’ interests before Fairfax County, State, and Federal government authorities;

  • furthering the common good and general welfare of the people of Huntington;

  • facilitating a regular exchange of views and information on matters of civic interest among residents and associations with County, Regional, State, and Federal officials; 

  • disseminating the views and information so gained to residents, area associations; and 

  • taking action on issues significant to the “Greater Huntington Community,” as its members may deem appropriate.

HCA membership is open to all residents residing within the following boundaries. The HCA area crosses two Supervisory Districts in Fairfax County:

  • In the Mount Vernon District, it is defined by the properties bounded by Richmond Highway (East), Telegraph Road (West), Cameron Run Creek (North), and the south line of the Huntington Metro Property. This area specifically includes Mount Vernon Drive, Foley Avenue, Fenwick Drive, Biscayne Drive, Victory Drive, Liberty Drive, Arlington Terrace, Farrington Avenue, Glendale Terrace, Fairview Terrace, Riverview Terrace, Blaine Drive, Fifer Drive, Metro View Parkway, Kathryn Street, and Huntington Avenue.


  • In the Lee District, the area includes those single family homes between Telegraph Road and North Kings Highway consisting of: James Drive, Fort Lyon Court, Timothy Place, Lenore Lane, and such single family homes in the same immediate area (Telegraph Road and North Kings Highway).

About the HCA
Current Officers

Tamara Srader



Mark Rogers

Vice President

Michael Hamill


Michelle Arsenault


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