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May 2022 Meeting Minutes

HCA Meeting May 6, 2022 (approved in June 2022 Meeting)

Zoom meeting attendees: 10

Officers in attendance:

  • Tamara Srader, President

  • Mark Rogers, Vice President

  • Michelle Arsenault, Secretary

  • Michael Hammil, Treasurer

a. Call to Order @19:32

b. Approval of Minutes. Minutes for April 2022 were approved as written.

c. Treasurer’s Report. Not much to report. Account balance has not changed. $328.00.

d. Committee and Other Reports

  • Mt. Vernon Council Committee meetings.

    • Environment and Recreation Committee (Rep. Alan Ruof). Nothing to report.

    • Planning & Zoning Committee (Rep. Ray Novitske). Ethos Veterinarian Health, a veterinarian specialty hospital/emergency referral center near Cameron run and Richmond highway is in development. The Committee didn’t vote but are in favor of the development. They will likely build a trail contingent on another trail being built, and the plans include a raised addition to retain parking below, and a green roof.

    • Public Safety Committee (Rep. Jason Zaragoza). Meeting was canceled. No update.

    • Infill Development (Ray Novitske). Haven’t met. No update

e. President’s Report. Update from Tamara Srader

  • Lots of work underway at Aventon at top of Biscayne.

  • Exterior work is underway at the Arden.

  • Attended Mt. Vernon council meeting - Discussed property at Richmond Highway & Fort Hunt where the proposed restaurant will be.

  • The pollinators are busy in the neighborhood, as are our resident beekeepers. There are four beekeepers now.

  • Several new properties have sold recently in upper Huntington.

  • A resident on Arlington Ter is seeking traffic calming however they did not attend this evening.

f. Published Agenda Items and Resolutions.

g. Member Time.

  • Jamie Scholzen (Riverview Ter) has kale starts if anyone wants them.

  • Jamie thanked a neighbor who helped clean the orchard at the top of Blaine. Someone who works for a resident named Lisa.

  • Bert forwarded info regarding the I95 express lane project:

  • Mt. Vernon Citizens Council is seeking volunteers for the education committee.

  • Evolution Home on Richmond Highway is gone, and the site will be redeveloped.

  • Trash on Fifer was not picked up this past Tuesday. Ray called supervisor Storck’s office and after a couple additional phone calls, got it resolved.

h. Area Associations’ Time. N/A

i. Invited Guests’ Time. N/A

j. Other Elected Representatives’ Time. N/A

k. Public Time. N/A

l. The meeting was adjourned at 20:00


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