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HCA Meeting 3/7/2019

Huntington Community Association Meeting

March 7, 2019


1. Welcome and Introductions:

  • Art Ovalle, President

  • Caitlin Wilson, Treasurer

  • David Sears, Secretary

Attendance: 11

2. HCA Committee Reports:

  • Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (MVCCA)

  • General Council Meeting – Art Ovalle

  • There is a new chair of the Environment and Recreation committee.

  • Mount Vernon district supervisor Dan Storck gave an update on the activities of his office. Go to for details.

  • Planning and Zoning

  • Riverside Apartments

  • County Planning Commission staff presented their vision (“Draft Concept Plan”) for how the car dealerships, SunTrust bank, old Sunoco station, etc. should be developed

  • 7-11redevelopment - 8629 Richmond Highway (Lubens Lane & Route 1)

  • the owner wants to demolish the current building and rebuild a larger 7-11 on the same lot and on the vacant lot next door, but needs County permission to add 8 gas pumps (there are no gas pumps on site now)

Collingwood mansion demolition and rebuilding

  • Fairfax County Historical Commission representatives (Sally Lyons and another lady) spoke.

  • Collingwood is privately owned; it’s on the county’s historical inventory but that is an honorific listing, not a legal one.

  • The owner wants to tear down the current building and rebuild a new house, citing the cost of maintaining an old building.FCHC wants community support to stop the demolition due to various reasons to consider the property a historic site.FCHC hasn’t talked to the owner yet.

  • Transportation - Jeff Woodward

  • See this website for information on the summer metro station closings:

  • Environment and Recreation/Levee update - Alan Ruof

  • [if !supportLists][endif]E&R: Nothing significant to report.

[if !supportLists][endif]Levee: The ribbon-cutting is scheduled for 10:00am on Wed, 5 June 2019. Until then, please stay out of the work area as the entire levee and park area are still an active constructions zone. Also, though the levee is not yet complete it is providing flood protection.

  • Education - Caitlin Wilson

  • The recent meeting solicited recommendations regarding next year’s County Board of Education budget.

  • Budget and Finance – Christoph Schmid

  • The March meeting was the same night as this HCA meeting so he didn’t attend.

  • Neighborhood Watch – Nick Lombardo

  • Nothing from the latest police briefing that affects Huntington.

  • Officer Urps appears to be retiring so will no longer be our community liaison.However, his replacement will come to the April HCA meeting and speak to us on safety issues.

  • To notify Nick of any issues:

3. New Business/Action Items:

  • Officer Urps is leaving (see above).

  • HCA Treasurer report:Caitlin Wilson

  • We have $681 in the account. Please pay your annual dues if they’re due and you haven’t paid already. (Remember, we’re on a rolling 12-month calendar now so if you paid last year in March it’s time to pay your $12 again.)

  • Most of the HCA bills come due in the summer. The big bills are for our website, the State Corporation Commission fee, our MVCCA membership fee, and the Fairfax Federation membership fee.

  • We’re brainstorming on money-raising opportunities. Art will inquire if any local businesses are willing to donate some money.

  • Upcoming closure of the Huntington Metro station

  • Closed late May to early September

  • Also, both escalators are inoperative and being worked on now.

  • WMATA has not been communicating well with the neighborhoods around Huntington but Art and other leaders from nearby community associations are trying to get WMATA to host a town hall soon.

4. Old Business/Updates:

  • There will be a Public Meeting about the SM-1 Deactivated Nuclear Power Plant decommissioning project at Fort Belvoir – March 12th at 6:30pm. For more information visit

  • Ides of Bark dog festival: March 24th, 1:00-4:00pm. For more information visit

  • 2019 Fairfax County Real Estate Assessments; average residential increase of 2.36%. Visit

  • FY 2020 Advertised Budget Plan. Visit

5. Other Community Issues:

  • Did anyone attend the 22 Feb Arden meeting?

  • There will be a Neighborhood Clean-up on Saturday, 30 March at 10:30am. Meet in the parking lot of Old Chicago’s Pizza on Huntington Avenue.


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