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HCA Meeting 2/7/2019

Huntington Community Association Meeting

February 7, 2019


1. Welcome and Introductions:

  • Art Ovalle, President


2. HCA Committee Reports:

  • Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (MVCCA)

  • General Council Meeting – Art Ovalle

  • There was a unanimous vote in favor of the Wesley development changes that Wesley presented to the HCA in January. (Wesley is building The Arden, an apartment building on the corner of Huntington Avenue and Biscayne Drive.)

  • Planning and Zoning - Ray Novitske

  • Nothing discussed that affected Huntington.

  • Transportation - Jeff Woodward

  • The committee discussed ways to alleviate confusion at the intersection of Fort Hunt Road and Route 1. (When you're traveling northwest on Fort Hunt Road and approaching Route 1, if you want to cross over Rt. 1 to go to the car dealerships it’s not clear where a car should be as there is a large hump; most cars end up in the opposing traffic lane.) The committee is also working on whether or not to force the combining of traffic onto 495 from Rt. 1 North farther back down the ramp in an effort to address the long line of traffic that occurs as far back as the Red Roof Inn. Jeff doesn’t believe that will help the situation but will see if further details are provided during the next committee meeting. Last, Jeff proposed the need to repaint the turning lines from Rt 1 North onto Huntington Ave and from Huntington Ave onto Rt. 1 North. He was given a POC e-mail at VDOT and will contact them.

  • Environment and Recreation - Alan Ruof

  • Nothing to report.

  • Education - Caitlin Wilson

  • Nothing to report

  • Budget and Finance – Christoph Schmid

  • Nothing to report.

  • Neighborhood Watch – Nick Lombardo

  • Nothing from the latest police briefing that affects Huntington.

  • Art Ovalle will invite Officer Urps to the April HCA meeting for a community update.

  • To notify Nick of any

3. New Business/Action Items:

  • None.

4. Old Business/Updates:

  • Welcome to Huntington sign:Art and Ray showed a design that all attendees liked.Art said he has received word that some financial support to create the sign may come from developers currently working along Huntington Ave.Now that we have a design Art will start the process with VDOT to gain approval to put it somewhere in the median near the Parker along Huntington Ave.

  • Riverside Apartments re-development:Riverside plans to start construction/break ground in summer 2019. Also, Art has been informed that the developer of the new buildings at Riverside is still interested in buying the abandoned Sunoco gas station.FYI, there is no Jimmy John's moving there – someone put up a sign but it has nothing to do with the owner of the site.

  • Huntington crossing: Art has heard that the empty land behind Midtown will become a construction zone later in 2019 as Huntington Crossing begins building.

  • Community Center Activities: The community center staff has a quick paper survey on what type of activities community members would come in for. Please stop by and vote. The list includes things like bingo.

5. Other Community Issues:

  • Regarding the Farrington Avenue Park:Christoph reported that in response to complaints about dogs and dog poop being in the playground area, the county placed a flimsy sign on the park gate saying that dogs must be on a leash. Christoph said he has contacted the park authority about changing the sign to say that dogs are not allowed inside the fence at all since the whole park is a playground. Art Ovalle agree to send an e-mail of support for this plan to the parks authority, and encouraged others to do so as well.

  • Art mentioned he had attended an informal meeting between the operators/owners of several of the major buildings in the area (i.e., Jefferson Manor, Montebello, Pavilions at Huntington, Fairhaven) to discuss developments in the area. Specifically, they discussed the pending Metro shutdown in Summer 2019, the old Metro police station, and where the farmers market currently meets and how it could be turned into a parking lot. He said the group hopes to get a Metro representative to come talk to them about the construction that will happen at the Huntington Metro and how it will affect traffic and commuters.


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