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HCA Meeting 1/3/2019

Huntington Community Association Meeting

January 3, 2019


1. Welcome and Introductions:

  • Art Ovalle, President

  • Caitlin Wilson, Treasurer

  • David Sears, Secretary

Attendance: 24

2. Guest Speaker(s):

  • Rosa (from Wesley Housing Development Corporation), and Sara Mariska (from Womble Bond Dickinson law firm, representing Wesley), requested a letter of support for the changes listed below to The Arden development project at 2317 Huntington Avenue.

  • 126 workforce and affordable units proposed in lieu of 139 units (of which 15% were workforce units).

  • Conversion of 3,534 square feet of retail to 7,500 square feet of office.

  • Wesley Homes will use the 7,500 sq ft for its own headquarters and office space

  • 179 parking spaces (15 for office) in lieu of 191 parking spaces (10 for retail)

  • 19 visitor parking spaces

  • Simplify open space areas as follows:

  • Corner of Huntington Avenue and Biscayne Drive

  • Seat wall and bench converted to two benches

  • Green plaza shape made smaller

  • Interpretative plaque relocated to the building’s face

  • Eastern Side of Property

  • Concrete paver plaza converted to natural lawn area with vegetation

  • Biscayne Drive

  • Concrete steps removed in favor of a sloping natural lawn with stepping stones

  • Elevations modified (primarily window placement) to accommodate the new unit mix.


  • The overall footprint of the site hasn’t changed from earlier drawings or presentations.

  • Wesley Homes owns the site as of Oct 2018.

  • Wesley envisions completing the project by Fall 2021.

  • The Average Mean Income standard for residency will be 40-80% (half the residents will be at 40-60% of the AMI for the area, while half will be at 60-80% AMI).

  • Wesley will plant 75 trees on the site (including perimeter and open deck plantings).

3. HCA Committee Reports:

  • Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (MVCCA)

  • General Council Meeting – Art Ovalle

  • No notes: Art wasn’t able to make the December meeting.

  • Planning and Zoning - Ray Novitske

  • Transportation - Jeff Woodward

  • no meeting notes but some discussion on other neighborhood issues

  • VDOT needs to look at revising traffic light schedules at the Biscayne Avenue-Huntington Avenue intersection, especially with the Wesley Homes project having a driveway (and thus more traffic) coming down the hill.

  • At the next Transportation meeting, Jeff will bring up the lane markings for Route 1 northbound traffic that turns left onto Huntington.The markings are unclear and it’s unsafe.

  • Art Ovalle will continue to press for the levee construction team to address the wear & tear on lower Mount Vernon.

  • Environment and Recreation - Alan Ruof

  • The E&R committee needs a new chairman and deputy if anyone wants to volunteer.

  • Huntington Levee:flood plain recertification should be done by April

  • Education - Caitlin Wilson

  • No meeting in December

  • Budget and Finance – Christoph Schmid

  • No meeting yet for January but the February meeting should happen before the next HCA meeting.

  • Neighborhood Watch – Nick Lombardo

  • The next training will be 7pm on Tues, 5 February, at the Mount Vernon Police Station (2511 Parkers Lane Alexandria, VA 22306). All are encouraged to attend even if you’ve attended before.

  • To notify Nick of any

4. New Business/Action Items:

  • Discuss/Vote on Letter of Support for the Wesley Housing Development – The Arden

  • The vote was in favor of supporting the changes, 14 Aye – 0 Nay

  • Caveats included:

  • Wesley should make a commitment to occupy the office space they’ve set aside in the building

  • Wesley should put in writing that site residents will not get permission to park their cars on neighborhood streets

  • Discuss the possible relocation and design of the “Welcome to Huntington” sign.

  • Kudos to Christoph Schmid for all his work repairing and enhancing the current sign.

  • Art Ovalle and Ray Novitske are looking at designs for a more visible sign in a median on Huntington Avenue.

  • Art has posed the issue with VDOT and also investigated multiple funding sources, including potential proffers from developers as well as grants from the district.

5. Old Business/Updates:

  • Huntington Club Condominiums Redevelopment Project - 2601 Indian Drive

  • Riverside Apartments Redevelopment Project – 2000 Huntington Avenue

  • Initial ground-breaking could be in the first quarter of 2019, with actual construction work beginning later in the year.

  • Dim Light Program Update – Farrington Avenue

  • Huntington is #3 in the VDOT queue of lighting projects

  • Kathryn Street needs lights as well, though we think this need should be a separate issue from the Dim Light program.

  • HCA Flyer Handout – Postponed until Spring

6. Upcoming Local Events in Fairfax County:

  • Fairfax County Environmental Quality Advisory Council (EQAC) Public Hearing – Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at 7:30pm.For more information please visit:

7. Other Community Issues: None raised.

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