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HCA Meeting 9/7/17

1. Welcome and Introductions:

  • Art Ovalle, President

  • Jeff Woodward, Vice President

  • Harry Shepler, Treasurer

  • Everett Price, Secretary

2. Guest Speakers/Presentaions:

  • McGuirelief LLP., Riverside Apartments – 2000 Huntington Avenue

  • No significant changes to plan presented in May; here to provide overview and answer questions (click here to see updated slide deck).

  • Decreasing hard surface by 1 acre and adding storm water controls

  • Proposing Traffic light on Huntington Ave.; will line up with shopping strip; left turn lane would be created for eastbound Huntington traffic to turn into development; light won’t be required until full build out

  • Connection to Cameron Run trail

  • Going before Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors on October 5th and 9th respectively

  • Have to go through Administrative Site Plan process; late 2018 breaking ground if everything goes perfectly; will be a phased project

  • New lighting will be installed throughout the development

  • Currently 1,022 units at Riverside, new development will add 700+

  • Proposed 1.3 parking ratio based on proximity to metro; ~1.48 current ratio

  • Two above ground parking structures and one underground parking structure

  • No solar panels planned, but lots of LED and shade structures on parking structures

  • Will create 5 access points along Cameron Run Dr.; Riverside will no longer be a gated community

  • Can consider dog park for Cameron Run park

  • Plan to retain existing convenience store for residents, no additional retail envisioned

  • Huntington Mews (town homes west of Riverside) generally supportive; deciding whether to include pedestrian connection with their community

  • Trail connections envisioned, including with Park Authority trail

  • Community member raised potential problems presented by new proposed traffic light for right turn off Rt 1. onto Huntington

  • G. Neel Teague, Stout & Teague, Property Development, Management & Advisory Services

  • CRC Realty here too--longstanding partners on this project

  • Stout and Teague working with community since late 1990s on 35 acres on top of hill that was owned by Metro

  • 15 year old plan; put 48 townhouses and 420 units in four story apartment buildings; were working toward a high-rise component around and behind existing new Metro parking lot that opened in 2008

  • Recession hit and derailed high-rise project

  • Possible development being discussed on four remaining acres where old transit police building was; could have retail around garage and a commercial building

  • Stout and Teague does not want to pursue high-rise; 12-14 story for 180 units had been proposed; doesn't take sufficient advantage of Metro location

  • Reassessing use of that site

  • Working to assess and gather community input for what the site could be someday (click here to see attached presentation)

  • No plan to get rid of trees, most trees present in conservation easements

  • Major structural problems at original metro parking lot

  • Example of possible development: could create 5-story longer building; there would be lighting around such buildings

  • Park authority opposes installation of lights along Montebello bus route because parks are closed at dark and it would incentivize after hours use

  • Community would like a sidewalk to connect to Metro but WMATA opposed

  • Montebello retreated from skywalk idea years ago when plan was far along because they would assume maintenance responsibility

  • Stout and Teague is under a proffer obligation to maintain Montebello bus route/path

  • Slope too steep to connect bus path to where concrete stairs are currently

  • Can start discussing redirection of Montebello bus route (see presentation slides) independent of timing of rest of redevelopment

  • Have not explored condos instead of apartments; Metroview struggled at first

  • Comprehensive plan now allows for 380 units; originally could do only 180

  • Asked about co-op possibility; noted that there have been no new co-ops in DC area in 50 years

  • Email Art if you want to be a point person on this project

3. HCA Committee Reports:

  • Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (MVCCA)

  • General Council Meeting – Art Ovalle

  • Planning and Zoning - Ray Novitske

  • Transportation - Jeff Woodward

  • Environment and Recreation - Alan Ruof

  • Passed resolution supporting Dike Marsh

  • Park Authority undergoing new comprehensive plan

  • Health and Human Services - Vacant

  • Education - Caitlin Wilson • Budget and Finance – Christoph Schmid

  • Neighborhood Watch – David Sears

  • Email if you want to join

  • July success in stopping some incidents

  • Citizens Advisory Committee meeting on Tuesday, September 12

4. New Business/Action Items/Updates:

  • Discuss/Vote: HCA Letter of Support: McGuireWoods LLP., Riverside Apartments – 2000 Huntington Avenue

  • HCA members voted unanimously (20) for letter of support for general idea of Riverside redevelopment; the letter does not endorse specifics of plan

  • New HCA Website Presentation – Everett Price

  • Huntington Neighborhood Cleanup September 23rd

  • September 23rd at 10am, meet at Old Chicago’s, trash bags and gloves provided

  • Request to Install a Trash Can at the Bus Stop in Front of 7-Eleven - Update

  • After neighborhood cleanup, Art asked County and County approved permanent trash can in front of 7-11

  • County said it will be in place in two weeks

  • Discuss/Solicit Volunteers for County Dim Streetlight Program for Farrington Avenue

  • Need volunteers to collect signatures on Farrington to support Huntington’s participation in LED streetlight replacement program; email Art if you’re interested

  • If light is out now, go to Dominion energy website and report burned out lights

5. Old Business/Updates:

  • Update - Former Sunoco Gas Station - 5928 Richmond Highway, Alexandria VA. 22303

  • County recently started fining property owner, now boarded up and cleaned up property

  • No news on what is going on with purchase

  • HCA Members Vote: Revised HCA Bylaws

  • New Huntington Community Association Logo

  • If someone wants to volunteer to design a new logo (or knows someone who might), would love to hear from you!

6. Upcoming Topics and Guest Speakers:

7. Upcoming Local Events in Fairfax County:

  • Reduced Cost Rabies Clinic – Sunday, September 10th, 10:00am – 12:00pm. Cost is $15 per pet. – 4500 West Ox Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22030

  • EMBARK Richmond Highway – Saturday, September 16th, 9:00am – 12:00p.m. – West Potomac High School Library, 6500 Quander Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22307

8. Other Community Issues:

Thanks to Laura Main for leadership in organizing National Night Out

Code enforcement along Huntington Ave

  • Code enforcement officer working with restaurant to get the loose sign fixed

  • Code enforcement fined owner of business that ran business out of their home on Huntington

Storm water

  • County sometimes cleans out storm water alleys in community

  • You can report clogged storm drains to the County

  • Report the issue and tell Art if they don’t respond

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