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HCA Meeting 2/4/2021

Zoom meetings attendees: ~15

Update from Ray:

Planning zoning committee meeting happened 2/1/2021

- Listening to county staff about new zoning modification (Z-mod)

- County staff seemed to wanted to change to county zoning codes without getting community input, so Mt. Vernon Council went on record saying they wanted more time to review the changes

- How does this affect us?

- If a single family property is allowed to be turned into an apartment, what was intended to be one family use could end up housing multiple families and have different traffic and parking needs than it was intended for.

- Ray joined an advisory committee for a new piece of land behind Lowes. A nursery closed, county bought the land for a new fire station, land is too large for just a fire station, so county is thinking about building some transitional housing for those needing housing assistance.

Update from Jason:

- No budget/finance meeting this month; still trying to get that committee re-started; Mt Vernon District will be announcing budget for 2022 on March 1st, 7pm.

- MVCCA’s biggest role in budget committee is providing feedback on the budget formulation and execution. County executives generally pays attention to what we have to say.

Arden Construction @ corner of Huntington and Biscayne

- Parking is always full around noon; contractors are not supposed to park there, should be parking in metro parking; lots of trash from contractors

- After Tamara pushed Wesley and the contractors, parking and trash issues have gotten better.

- Construction crew plans to route trash and debris trucks around the neighborhood; Tamara concerned about extra traffic and trucks tearing up the street. Construction management agreed to do an assessment before they start routing the trucks, then review after they’re done and fix any damage

Other miscellaneous discussion

- There was a question about status of efforts to put up a “Huntington” sign. Former President Art Orvalle had a conversation with VDOT about this, but it probably didn’t stick. Ray will try to reach out to Art to see where that conversation landed.

- Huntington duplexes are regularly selling for over $500k.

- County court is now summoning people for jury duty in person (yikes)


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