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Approved January 2024 - Minutes

Draft - HCA Meeting Minutes January 4, 2024

Zoom meeting attendees: 13


 Tamara Srader, President

 Mark Rogers, Vice President

 Michelle Arsenault, Secretary

 Michael Hamill - Treasurer

Official meeting called to Order @19:32 (7:32pm)

 Announcement & overview of published agenda

 Review of Minutes from November 2023 - minutes can be found on the HCA website

November 2023 meeting were voted on and approved with no corrections. The HCA did not meet in

December, and instead held a potluck/holiday party at the Huntington Community Center.

 Treasurer’s Report. Michael will connect with Ray to reimburse him for the cost associated with the

Holiday potluck. Tamara still needs to be reimbursed for some payments she made when she became


 Committee and Other Reports.

o MVCCA (Mount Vernon Council of Citizens’ Associations, Inc.) If you are interested in

volunteering, please go to the MVCCA website for more information. You can also

contact Tamara and she can connect people who would like to volunteer.

o MVCCA - Environment and Recreation (E & R) - Alan Ruof. Met last night and discussed proposed

changes near Ft. Belvoir. The Committee had some concerns and lingering questions. The

developers (?) didn’t provide links or sources to studies supporting the assertation that there were

no wetlands nearby, the comment period was not reasonable, and the announcement for the

comment period was not easy to find. The HCA wrote a resolution, and it will be delayed.

o MVCCA - Planning and Zoning - Ray Novitske. Meets on first Monday. Planning and Zoning met in

December, but won’t meet in January – so people can attend a special meeting to talk about the

proposal to build an arena in Potomac Yard. P & Z heard from Lynn Strobel about the proposed

development on Huntington near the Parker. The HCA objected to the inclusion of a community

center, and sent a letter, but according to the drawings, the community center was still included,

Ray suggested sending some additional language regarding all the new residences that have been

built, with no retail, and the fact that it seems counterintuitive to put a community center on

prime land for retail. Additionally, he thinks that “community center” might not really be the

intended use and it may in fact be a day care center. Ray offered to schedule time at the end of

January to talk more about this.

Tamara noted the difficulty the HCA had with securing a venue for the holiday party. The Arden (at

the corner of Biscayne and Huntington), has a community space and we were initially told that we

could use it, but there is a requirement for liability insurance to use it. Jason mentioned that the

HCA was going to send a letter opposing the installation of artificial turf near the development.

This won’t be pet friendly and does not promote natural green space.

o MVCCA - Transportation Committee - Jason Zaragoza. Cancelled December meeting and are

encouraging people to attend the meeting about Potomac Yard. The Board of Supervisors funded

some pedestrian projects, and the district got funding to complete a crosswalk on Fenwick Dr. The

sidewalk/crosswalk on Fenwick is something the community has been asking for a long time and

will help with people crossing to Metro. Other safety projects will get delayed now that they

approved the road diet on Huntington Ave. The Road Diet study of Huntington Ave will commence


o MVCCA - Education Committee - Mark Rogers. No meeting last month.

 HCA President’s Report - Tamara Srader.

o Tamara pointed out two links: the Mount Vernon District site and Supervisor Storck’s

newsletter, and recommended people read them. We will add a link to the email and notes

each month. Supervisor Storck’s Mt Vernon District


o The pine trees at the top of Biscayne are slated to be cut down. They are the only vegetation

blocking the Aventon Development, but the new owner of one of duplexes is worried that the

retaining wall is in poor shape and the trees may fall on their house.

o Update on the property/woods behind Biscayne Dr./Riverview Ter. The owner has it on the

market again for 1.8 M, although he improved the cabin and property and it is rented, so any

new development (i.e., townhouses) may not happen. For now.

o The duplex at the top of Blaine is also being renovated. The same owner owns both halves.

o Parking issues in the neighborhood continue. Please call the Fairfax non-emergency number so

they are aware.

o The stairs at the top of Biscayne that lead to the Metro are still not open. They were supposed

to open in December, but construction is delayed due to permitting. TS will reach out to

developer about the timeline. The Aventon held a public hearing in mid-December regarding

signage on the property.

 HCA Member Time (if you would like to discuss a specific topic, please email Tamara Srader, HCA president

prior to the meeting at

o 30 people attended the holiday party in December.

o Would like to organize a community event for the Spring.

o Mark Rogers noticed workers installing a stronger chain on the Road to Montebello, and let

them know that it was blocking the walkway, which is an ADA issue, and is dangerous to

bicyclists. The Chain was removed for now.

o It’s time for HCA dues. Tamara will send an email reminder.

o It’s time to prune fruit trees in the Orchard at the top of Blaine. Jaime will send a text message

to those who would like to learn/help.

o Lots of car break-ins (most were left unlocked, but some not) and there may be an

encampment by the levee. Alan would like to bring this up with Supervisor Storck. Megan

added that there are definitely people camping back in the “fishing area” at the levee.

Neighbors have noticed trash and campfires. The fire department showed up a few weeks ago

to check it out, but it didn’t stop people. There is also a campfire ring on the other side of the

pump house. Tamara encouraged people to call the Fairfax Police non-emergency line to alert

them to this, so there is a record. Also, the HCA will address this with Supervisor Storck. Ray

added that perhaps multiple calls will result in the County finally taking action.

o A neighbor on the levee side had provided a pet waste disposal station but is no longer

providing that because people abused it. Michael asked how we can get one. Mark added that

most are privately maintained, and the County does not have the resources to do that.

The group talked about who maintains the levee area. It may be owned by the Water

Authority, but it seems to be regulated by the Park Authority. Since it’s a flood control project,

it’s probably the county who runs it. The group discussed ways to resolve this. Alan will reach

out to his contact at the stormwater division for a referral.

o Laverle had a list of issues that included the Huntington sign that is missing (just two upright

posts left), and maintenance issues/litter along Huntington Ave/overflowing trash cans. He is

concerned that it looks neglected and does not promote safety. Would like to gather a group

to maintain this. Alan added that the discussion about the sign is on hold, because we need to

find a way to make one that can’t be vandalized.

Tamara noted that the two homes at the corner of Huntington and Biscayne are on the market

again, and perhaps the wall that faces Huntington Ave would be a good place for a mural/sign.

Ray suggested approaching VDOT about a sign in the median instead of where it used to be

(near Pizza Uno?). Ray designed a sign years ago, and submitted it to VDOT, but got no

response. Perhaps it could be included in the Road Diet.

o Several members thanked Lissa (not on the call), who picks up trash every day in the


o Michael thanked Tamara for doing a great job leading the HCA. Recognized her for her hard

work and coordination.

o The Holiday potluck brought together about 30 people, and many new neighbors, and LaVerle

proposed having some of the HCA meetings in person rather than all on Zoom. Tamara noted

that Zoom meetings allow for more flexibility - for example, she is currently out of state. She

suggested that we keep the HCA meetings virtual, and host social events in person a few times

a year.

 The meeting was adjourned at 20:18


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