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Approved- February 2024 Minutes

Approved - HCA Meeting Minutes February 1, 2024 

Zoom meeting attendees: 13


  • Tamara Srader, President

  • Mark Rogers, Vice President 

  • Michelle Arsenault, Secretary

  • Michael Hamill - Treasurer

Official meeting called to Order @19:32 (7:32pm)

  • Announcement & overview of published agenda

  • Review of Minutes from January 2024 - minutes can be found on the HCA website The minutes from the January 2024 meeting were voted on and approved with no corrections. 

  • Treasurer’s Report. No report given.

  • Committee and Other Reports. 

  • MVCCA (Mount Vernon Council of Citizens’ Associations, Inc.) If you are interested in volunteering, please go to the MVCCA website for more information. You can also contact Tamara and she can connect people who would like to volunteer. 

  • MVCCA - Environment and Recreation (E & R) - Alan Ruof. Meeting is next week. Alan listened in on a presentation about a flood mitigation program modeled after something Alexandria enacted. Residents who participate in flood mitigation can apply to get matching funds.

  • MVCCA - Planning and Zoning - Ray Novitske. P & Z meets on the first Monday. Also participating on the Environmental Quality Advisory Council (EQAC). EQAC hasn’t met, so there is no report. Ray anticipates having an update about the development of the green space in front of the Parker (2550 Huntington) after the March meeting. He also noted another development nearby is on hold. The proposal included the installation of artificial turf for a dog park at that location, but based on feedback and opposition, they will start with grass and see if it holds up, but they are leaving it open for the use of artificial grass. 

  • MVCCA - Transportation Committee - Jason Zaragoza. 

  • Jason has been monitoring the proposal to build a stadium at Potomac Yard. The Del Rey Community Association is taking the lead, but he told them we would support them. 

  • Jason was monitoring a concurrent meeting while on the HCA call. 

  • There are four (4) proposed bike stations around Huntington, and the deadline to comment is tomorrow. Jason shared a map with the 4 proposed locations, and urged people to comment:

  • Several people offered feedback about the locations, how Huntington is not safe for bicyclists, and perhaps more bikes will help argue for better traffic safety.

  • Bert asked if this is related to Road diet. That study is moving forward but separately. 

  • Belle Haven residents are not supportive because they will take up public parking (a total of 4 spaces). VDOT is the controlling entity. 

  • A member asked if the people that live adjacent to the proposed bike sites will be notified of the proposed changes. Jason offered to submit comments from Transportation Committee suggesting that they notify residents that will be directly affected. Milia added support for the idea of bringing in more bikes. 

  • Fairfax County is wants to replace the Welcome to Fairfax sign and are hoping the Transportation Committee will shepherd it. 

  • MVCCA - Education Committee - Mark Rogers. The Education Committee hasn’t met. The new school board and new principal have met at Edison High School to talk about emerging drug issues (fentanyl). Should have a report next week. 

  • HCA President’s Report - Tamara Srader. Things have been quiet. There has been some buzz about the Aventon (at the Metro Station at the top of Biscayne). The stairs to the Metro are open. There has been no communication from the property managers, but Tamara will try to reach out. She noted that every day for hours the fire alarms goes off, as they are testing them. Mark and Michelle relayed info about access to the Metro Station and the condition of the stairs. 

Tamara proposed a Spring neighborhood get-together. If anyone is interested in organizing or participating. Please reach out.  

  • HCA Member Time (if you would like to discuss a specific topic, please email Tamara Srader, HCA president prior to the meeting at

  • County might not pick up Christmas trees anymore unless you call them. 

  • No yard waste pickup in Winter until March. Pickup is only from March 1 – December 31).

  • Jamie invited people to the Orchard at the top of Blaine on Saturday at 2:00 pm to help prune. There are several fruit trees and people are welcome to the fruit: pears, peaches, plums, pomegranates, and figs. 

  • Jamie also mentioned Fairfax Releaf, and the program they run to give away free native seedlings. If anyone is interested visit Seedlings will be available in March.

  • Car break-ins continue. Reminder to lock your doors and don’t leave valuables in your car. 

  • There has been a persistent human presence along Cameron Run. People camping.

  • HCA member dues are due in January. 12:00/year. Please join!

  • The meeting was adjourned at 20:08



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