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Approved - November 2022 Meeting Minutes

Huntington Community Association meeting 11/3/2022 via Zoom

Minutes taken by Mark Rogers, VP as Michelle was not able to attend

Called to order by President @ 7:34, 14 members, later more joined, no final total.

Tamara (President), Michael (Treasurer), Mark (VP) attending.

7:35 Approval of minutes from October, moved , seconded, approved unanimously. (no modifications or additions)

7:36 Treasurer’s report re Tamara, Paypal account fixed, address can be added with name and payment.

Moved, seconded, approved unanimously. (No modifications or additions)


7:37 Ray w/Planning and Development.

Infill Development Committee cancelled. Planning and Zoning meeting is Monday. Brookside Motel (next to Red Roof Inn) on east side of Richmond Hwy to be demolished to develop for apartment building and will preserve some land and plants.

7:45 Public Safety (Jason Z)

Update fire stations, more satellite locations for public services, they gave a timeline for the public safety review. Will be presented in March.

NVCC Comprehensive Plan for this whole area. No condominiums. We might want to write communication to WMATA on Condos and the 200 foot limit.

Motion proposed by Mark R to have Tamara write a letter to the Zoning Commission

Much conversation over the motion. Some objections regarding the opposition to townhomes and talk about a need for affordable housing. Discussion regarding street fronts and pedestrian and cycling friendliness as well.

The final letter to the zoning commission as voted on is to contain:

1) opposition the Townhomes at the northeast section of the lot,

2) urge/request a significantly lower height limit for much of the 200 foot limit designated area in the eastern area of the lot (and representatives for Metro state it is not in the plans anyway – thus, it would not hinder the proposed development and protect the duplexes on Biscayne Dr., Riverview Tr., and Fairview Tr. from a towering and light polluting building)

3) add language on affordable/reasonably priced owner (not rental) property for teachers/police officers, etc. such as coop housing not-for-profit.

4) a request underground utilities along Huntington.

Carried unanimously.

Meet planning commission at noon on Thursday at Huntington Metro.

Mark R: Mount Vernon Education Committee report

Follow-up on budget- preliminary steps underway

Grand Involve volunteer in schools

Tamara: President’s Report –

Put together makeshift budget, attending Planning Commission meeting, comments on Arden, haven’t heard anything from Aventon or Arden development teams, but landscaping going in at Arden, crosswalks and walk button.

Ray proposed a motion that HCA write a letter to support retail in the sites at Parker and the building to the west, and oppose an unneeded a new community center. We also support the enhanced public space in the plan.

Motion passed unanimously

Elections for 2023 officers

Michael H nominated Tamara for President. No other nominations, elected unanimously.

Michael H nominated Mark R for Vice President. No other nominations, elected unanimously.

Tamara S nominated Michelle A. for Secretary. No other nominations, elected unanimously.

Mark R nominated Michael H. for Treasurer. No other nominations, elected unanimously.

Member time:

Jerry asked about Huntington Club, Tamara referred to documents and the Huntington Club President.

A member advised that starting on Sunday the Metro Blue Line will be operating, not Yellow Line.

Ray suggests we patronize Dos Jefes.

Adjourned at 8:56


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