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Approved - April 2022 Meeting Minutes

HCA Meeting April 7, 2022

Zoom meeting attendees: 18

Officers in attendance:

  • Tamara Srader, President

  • Mark Rogers, Vice President

  • Michelle Arsenault, Secretary

a. Call to Order @7:34 pm

b. Approval of Minutes.

Minutes for March 2022 were approved as written

c. Treasurer’s Report. The HCA was listed as inactive with the State of VA, and Tamara was able to solve the issue; Huntington Community Association is now active with the State of Virgina as a registered business; and we now have access to the bank account as they were waiting for this process to finalize.

d. Committee and Other Reports

Mt. Vernon Council Committee meetings.

  • Environment and Recreation Committee (Rep. Alan Ruof). Speaker from Prince William County. Discussed:

    • A potential data center, which they feel would be a strain on the Occoquan Reservoir. Mark Rogers added that the ground nearby contains pollutants, which if dug up will degrade water quality in the Occoquan.

    • Improving online access to find out about Fairfax county meetings.

    • Changes to requirements for owners who have waterfront property and how they maintain riprap etc.

    • Passing conversation about bamboo control. Alan will share details from the next meeting. Tamara shared a link to an ordinance that passed in February for bamboo control

  • Planning & Zoning Committee (Rep. Ray Novitske). Co-met with Transportation Committee. One item on agenda this past Monday: presentation by owner who wants to build two restaurants, one with a drive-through, at Fort Hunt and Richmond Highway. Denied in past and re-sent to Committee. Both Transportation Cmte and Planning & Zoning Cmte voted it down, but it was not unanimous. The HCA and the community are not supportive, as it would add to traffic congestion and may degrade the quality of neighborhood.

    • A member suggested it would be great to get folks from housing areas nearer to these sites to chime in about possible pedestrian access across Rt. 1. The HCA has not been approached by the developers nor have the developers been talking with the Country Club.

    • Looking for special exception to build up flood plain in order to install restaurants. Jerry and Ray both suggested to the developer that the restaurant be placed on the first floor rather than on a stand-alone site. Developer doesn’t want to because it’s less visible.

  • Public Safety Committee (Rep. Jason Zaragoza). Met on Tuesday, officer Marvin Goodly presented update. Crime is slightly higher, and consists mostly of car break ins, and shoplifting in shopping centers like Walmart and Target. Still short on officers, and are moving officers from other offices.

    • A member asked about the traffic lights on Huntington, which seem to turn red more frequently. It’s possible they are doing some traffic calming.

    • A member asked about a Huntington newsletter to alert folks to safety issues who don’t attend the meetings, and/or are not on social media.

  • Infill Development - The task force has not met since the last HCA meeting. The next meeting is April 21.

  • Jason noted that the Great American Buffet on Richmond Highway is being retrofitted and will become a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

e. President’s Report. Update from Tamara Srader, President:

· The county is clearing out the drainage ditch behind the houses on Riverview.

· The Arden (at the corner of Biscayne and Huntington) is still under construction, but they are working on the interior now.

· Several houses in the neighborhood have sold recently. They seem to be going quickly.

f. Published Agenda Items and Resolutions. None

g. Member Time.

· Trees on Fenwick were removed.

· There are several beekeepers in the neighborhood, and if you see swarms please call Tamara Srader, Jamie Scholzen, or Linda Zackin, and they can help move them.

· Fairfax Releaf has free native seedlings available.

· Anthony asked about the Arden and whether it is affordable housing or Section 8. Ray noted that it is transitional housing.

· Huntington Sign was vandalized and hasn’t been replaced.

· Ray recommended Jefes, the new TexMex restaurant on Huntington.

· Alan mentioned the Facebook posts regarding the cleanup of the stairs and painting at the top of Biscayne. Several residents in the neighborhood have been cleaning and painting and planting. Jeff wants to start group to do some planting. Tamara will send info for those who want to help.

· Storm water survey - Link is on website, please take 10 minute to take the survey to report water damage.

h. Area Associations’ Time. None.

i. Invited Guests’ Time. None.

j. Other Elected Representatives’ Time. None.

k. Public Time. N/A.

l. The meeting was adjourned at 20:31


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