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HCA Meeting 10/1/2020

Attendance: 10

Meeting highlights: The Vice President gave some updates on MVCCA meetings. Nominations were taken for HCA officers for 2021. Attendees discussed potential new committees and possible Halloween activities.

Officers in attendance:

  • Ray Novitske, Vice President

  • Yi Pei, Secretary

Ongoing Construction

  • Project behind Midtown (condos) was on hold due to pandemic, starting now with some site work, expected to start construction in Spring 2021

  • Ray had asked the Arden project to give the HCA an updated on construction progress, but received no response

Mt. Vernon Council Committee meetings

  • We have a new rep to Budget Committee -- Jason Karagoza (sp?)

  • No update from Planning & Zoning, or Environment and Recreation

Nominations for 2021 officers

  • President: Tamra Srader nominated by Ray, seconded Liz Kepferle

  • VP: Alan nominates Ray, seconded Liz Kepferle

  • Secretary: Yi nominated by Ray, seconded Liz Kepferle

  • Treasury: Laura Main nominated by Ray, seconded Alan Rouf

Discussion on forming new committees

  • Suggestions included social committee (for post-pandemic), membership committee, communications committee, welcoming committee, clean-up committee. All could be one person or multiple.

  • In discussing tasks that would be assigned to committee members, and ideas for improved community outreach, the following suggestions were given:

  • Someone who's good at graphic design to do the occasional flyer

  • Newsletters could help keep people up to date on current events

  • Business cards with HCA info could be given to new neighbors

  • Facebook and NextDoor can be good platforms to advertise events by posting flyers

Halloween activities

  • A lot of attendees want to have some sort of socially-distanced Halloween event. Many ideas were discussed, one of the favorites being a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Several volunteers will create a concrete plan to post on the HCA website and advertised through Facebook

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