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HCA Meeting 6/7/18

Huntington Community Association Meeting

June 7, 2018


1. Welcome and Introductions:

  • Art Ovalle, President

  • Julio Alvarez, Vice President

  • Caitlin Wilson, Treasurer

  • Everett Price, Secretary

2. HCA Committee Reports:

  • Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (MVCCA)

  • General Council Meeting – Art Ovalle

  • Voted to approve two new co-chairs, including Earl Flanagan (former planning commissioner)

  • Cathy Ledeck named Lady Fairfax

  • Wendy’s/Pizza Hut stretch should be torn down soon; developer has encountered some problems, however

  • Riverside developers also interested in purchasing the Sunoco property; gas station company still intent on pursuing construction of gas station there (County will not support the gas station)

  • Plant nursery on Rt. 1 delayed in opening (was supposed to open in March); will be a temporary nursery

  • Old Huntington metro parking garage will be demolished next year during other scheduled station improvements

  • Planning and Zoning - Ray Novitske

  • Presentation for Huntington Crossing development behind Midtown (nothing significant to report)

  • Argument over townhouse developments near Roy Rogers; County opposes developer and plan to build on land that contains both resource protection area and flood area

  • No decisions made

  • Transportation - Jeff Woodward

  • Resident raised issue of drunk driver smashing up some cars in front of playground on Farrington Ave.; overnight incident but unclear whether perpetrator was apprehended

  • Residents interested in speed bumps, particularly around the playground, or other traffic calming measures

  • Art will do research into possible measures

  • Environment and Recreation - Alan Ruof

  • Huntington Levee Update

  • Everything is on schedule

  • Submitted application for early relief from flood insurance rates (normally would require approx 6 months after completion of the project for flood insurance rates relief to kick in)

  • No flood protection until permanent pumps are installed and levee construction is completed on both ends of the neighborhood

  • Education - Caitlin Wilson

  • Not present

  • Budget and Finance – Christoph Schmid

  • Not present

  • Neighborhood Watch – Nick Lombardo

  • Summer months often correspond to uptick in security incidents

  • Some incidents reported around the commercial strip on Huntington Ave.

  • Don’t hesitate to call the Fairfax County Police non-emergency number: 703-691-2131, or email Nick Lombardo

3. New Business/Action Items:

  • HCA Board, Levee Site Tour – May 25th

  • Will post pictures

  • Discuss Private Advertisements on the HCA Website

  • Realtor has requested to advertise; discussion about advisability of accepting such offers

  • 6th Annual Huntington Picnic – Saturday, June 23rd, at 1:00pm

  • National Night Out – August 7th at 7:00pm to 8:30pm

  • Laura Main volunteered again to coordinate

  • Huntington Neighborhood Cleanup

4. Old Business/Updates:

  • Dim Light Program Update – Farrington Avenue and Arlington Terrace

  • Art spoke to County on Monday; issue is still with Dominion but County will press them for progress

5. Guest Speaker(s):

  • Daniel Storck, Supervisor, Mount Vernon District

  • Riverside

  • Discussed development plan for structured parking and more units

  • Design will be more open to the neighborhood/community and include public park areas, boat launch, and path connections to the levee trail

  • Working to ensure trail connections from Telegraph Rd to National Harbor through Ourisman property and with VDOT connection under Rt 1

  • Levee

  • On track to be completed in Spring 2019; everything on track or ahead of schedule

  • Noted planned Huntington Club Condominiums development and Wesley Housing development along Huntington Ave.

  • Embark

  • Clusters of development connected by bus rapid transit system in dedicated lanes

  • 7 years away from seeing highway open; funding source supposed to be approved soon

  • Year 2026–first phase of bus rapid transit system projected opening

  • Farmer’s market every Friday from 8am-noon at Sherwood Regional Library

  • For more information:

  • Recent zoning change facilitated increase in area of backyards that can be covered in impermeable surfaces, but only for larger lots

  • Power outages

  • Farrington and Arlington Terrace outages lasting several hours

  • Storck pledged to follow up with Virginia Power; will ask for their response, will solicit community views, and will convene meeting with Virginia Power if need be

6. Upcoming Local Events in Fairfax County:

7. Other Community Issues:

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