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HCA Meeting 5/3/17

May 4, 2017

HCA Monthly Meeting

Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2017

  1. Welcome and Introductions:

    1. • Art Ovalle, President

    2. • Jeff Woodward, Vice President

    3. • Harry Shepler, Treasurer

    4. • Everett Price, Secretary

  2. Recognition:

    1. • Midtown at Alexandria Station Condominiums – 2451 Midtown Avenue, Alexandria, VA. 22303a

  3. Guest Speaker

    1. Lori Greenlief, McGuirelief LLP., Riverside Apartments – 2000 Huntington Avenue

      1. Presented attached slide deck about planned redevelopment of Riverside Apartments and answered questions from the community (see slide deck here)

      2. Current Riverside apartments are at 96% occupancy

      3. Have filed paperwork with the County and will engage with Planning Commission and County Board of Supervisors in September or October

      4. Project would break ground in 2018 and first delivery of apartment blocks would take place in 2021 (the project will be delivered in phases)

      5. In total about 750 new units planned, all rental properties, no retail space

      6. All studio or 1-2 bedroom

      7. All controlled access buildings

      8. All featured streets in the development will be private but allow public access

      9. A public access park is planned along Cameron Run; this is 100% coordinated with the levee project and the planned levee trail

      10. A number of dog parks are planned for the development, some near the buildings and others in the park that would be open to the public

      11. Pools and gyms planned for the various buildings

      12. 1.3 parking spaces per unit; will also have Metro shuttle

      13. Developing at the level stipulated in the Master Plan

      14. Submitted traffic study to add traffic light on Huntington Ave. to facilitate egress/ingress of traffic, although analyzing a couple options for how to do it; adding a signal could have benefits for traffic entering/exiting Huntington further down as it would break up the traffic flow with greater regularity

      15. Also planning to increase capacity at traffic lights on Rt. 1 by changing lane lines

      16. Riverside development does not currently have a storm water management system

      17. New development will have modern storm water management, thereby reducing direct runoff into Cameron Run and feature more treatment of storm water

      18. Plan to return in September to provide another update


  1. Paul Browne, Wesley Housing Development Corp., - 2317 Huntington Avenue

    1. Presented attached slide deck and answered questions about planned redevelopment of 2317 Huntington Ave, the red brick apartment building next to 7-11 and the two homes directly behind the apartment building (see slide deck here)

    2. Paul Browne last briefed the HCA in September 2016

    3. Wesley Housing Development Corp is a 40 year old non-profit specializing in affordable housing

    4. A&R, a development company from Baltimore, originally purchased the property and developed plans to redevelop it but failed to secure financiers

    5. Wesley Housing now has the property under contract and is making relatively modest modifications to the A&R development plan

    6. New development would feature 126 affordable rental units

    7. Renters would earn $64K or below

    8. Not section eight housing, renters would pay rent

    9. Likely to attract employees working at the MGM casino, for instance

    10. Current residents will be given relocation assistance and the option to move into the new property when it is finished

    11. Wesley plans to develop using a regular bank loan, plus a subordinate loan from the County, and County tax credits reserved for affordable housing units

    12. Was passed over for credits this year so will have to wait a year for the next opportunity

    13. Construction could begin in 2019 with delivery planned for 2021

    14. A&R’s redevelopment plan featured ground-floor retail but Wesley is proposing to convert that space (and some second-floor space) into office space for Wesley

    15. Paul Browne came to solicit community feedback on the change from retail space to commercial

    16. Retail space is sometime difficult to fill and likely would be so in this area; at least having Wesley offices there would provide a guaranteed and invested tenant

    17. This plan requires an amendment to the final plan and a reduction in the required parking space total

    18. The parking regulation change may fit with ongoing plans in the County to change regulations for office space that is located near a Metro station

  1. HCA Committee Reports:

    1. Mount Vernon Council of Community Associations (MVCCA)

      1. General Council Meeting – Art Ovalle

        1. Supervisor Storck was present

        2. The Mount Vernon Tree Commissioner, Catherine Ledec, gave a presentation about the importance of preserving the trees and natural habitat in Fairfax County.  She also gave an update on the Mount Eagle Park Habitat Restoration Project that took place on April 9th.

        3. A Teen Job Fair was held on April 29th at the South County High School in Lorton, Virginia.  At least 50 businesses participated in this great event for our county teens.

      2. Planning and Zoning - Ray Novitske

        1. Not present

      3. Transportation - Jeff Woodward

        1. Public meeting to discuss the Rt. 1 Embark bus rapid transit system at Whitman High School on 15 May from 6:30pm-9pm

        2. A full rapid transit system plan should be ready by the end of June

        3. There was a discussion of modifying the intersections along the GW parkway near Belle Have and Belle View due to a recent near-fatal accident, but the Park Service is generally resistant to modifications

      4. Environment and Recreation - Alan Ruof

        1. Levee update

          1. Rain has slightly delayed recent progress on the project

          2. First goal is building the pump station

          3. Key stakeholders will hold a disaster tabletop exercise this month

          4. Art Ovalle met with the County rep. at the construction site; the County rep. invited HCA officers to tour the site soon

      5. Health and Human Services - Vacant

      6. Education - Caitlin Wilson

        1. Caitlin not present; Attending the monthly MVCCA Education Meeting that overlaps with HCA meeting

        2. Education committee has had some discussion of MS-13 issues that are present further down Rt. 1

      7. Budget and Finance – Christoph Schmid

        1. Christoph not present; attending the monthly MVCCA Budget and Finance Meeting that overlaps with HCA meeting

      8. Neighborhood Watch – David Sears

        1. Training required to legally participate in neighborhood watch

        2. Going to get word out soon about upcoming training opportunity

        3. Midtown might get involved in Huntington neighborhood watch network

  2. New Business/Action Items/Updates

    1. Huntington Community Picnic – June 2017

      1. June 17th at 4pm, or June 24th rain date, at Farrington Park

    2. June, Huntington Community Association Meeting - Date and Location

      1. Wednesday, June 7th, at 7:30pm at newly-opened Community Center, Supervisor Storck will attend

    3. Huntington Club Condominiums – 2601 Indian Drive, Alexandria VA. 22303

      1. Condo Assoc. voting from now until August on property sale

      2. Zoning application due in October

      3. Phase 1 of the project will feature “Land Bay A” and cafe (see project design here)

  3. Old Business/Updates

    1. Huntington Neighborhood Cleanup – April 22nd

      1. Cleaned the stairwells at the end of Biscayne and Blaine.  Also picked up trash along the back road of Mount Eagle Park/leading to Montebello.

      2. Next Neighborhood Cleanup to be determined

    2. Crosswalk Safety Issue – Huntington Avenue & Metroview Parkway

      1. A traffic officer is now occasionally posted to watch for buses making illegal turns; the officer has also given out jay walking tickets

      2. VDOT has recently redone the uneven sidewalks in front of the Huntington Auto Repair businesses along Huntington Avenue.

    3. HCA Flyer Handouts – HCA Officers (April 29th)

      1. HCA officers handed out flyers about the HCA to all houses between Blaine and Biscayne south of Huntington Ave., also most parts of neighborhood north of Huntington Ave between Farrington and Mt. Vernon

    4. Huntington Community National Night Out Volunteer (Tuesday, August 1st) – Laura Main

      1. Main has volunteered to be the lead for this event.

      2. Midtown Social Committee agreed to join HCA and the Parker Apartments in putting on the National Night Out

  4. Old Business/Updates (continued)

    1. Farrington Park, Renovation Update

      1. On track for completion in mid-May

    2. Huntington Community Center Renovation Update

      1. Recently repaved the entire road/parking lot, and laid new concrete on sidewalks to meet ADA requirements; work still remains on the building

    3. Lighting on Biscayne Drive (Top of Hill Near Huntington Metro) – Stout & Teague Property

      1. Art met with district conservationist and she is now involved in the issue

      2. Teague sent lighting engineer out to evaluate the situation; Neil Teague is awaiting engineers report

    4. Bylaws Update - David Sears

      1. Bylaws were written in 1991 and in need of review

      2. Changes were aimed at removing unnecessary provisions that are no longer applicable

      3. No new provisions were added except allowing for HCA to accept dues on rolling (instead of calendar-year) basis and to accept dues electronically

      4. Will hold vote on bylaws changes and Wesley housing development (retail to commercial issue) at next meeting

    5. Upcoming vote to change/offer alternate Payment Method for Annual HCA

    6. Membership

      1. Upcoming vote to change HCA Memberships from calendar year to annual date of

  5. Upcoming Topics and Guest Speakers:

    1. Supervisor Dan Storck, Mount Vernon District – Wednesday, June 7th

      1. Community members should have a chance to send questions ahead of time so Art can give Storck a heads-up

    2. Stephen Bannister, Capital Investment Advisors - 2560 Huntington Avenue

      1. Going to reschedule for June or August HCA Meeting

  6. Upcoming Local Events in Fairfax County:

    1. Smart Markets, Farmers’ Market (Every Thursday from 3:00pm – 7:00pm) – 5919 North Kings Highway, Alexandria, Virginia 22003

    2. Law Enforcement United Ride 2017 (Friday, May 12th, 11:30am – 12:45pm) – 2017 Belle View Boulevard, Alexandria, Virginia 22307

    3. Community Shred Event (Saturday, May 13th, 9:00am – 12:00pm) – Mount Vernon District Police Station, 2511 Parkers Lane, Alexandria, Virginia 22303

    4. Taste of Mount Vernon (May 25th, 5:30pm to 7:30pm) – Mount Vernon Governmental Center, 2511 Parkers Lane, Mount Vernon, Virginia 22306

      1. Will feature free food from 40 restaurants; also a raffle competition

    5. Fairfax County’s 275th Anniversary Celebration (June 17th, from 10:00am – 4:00pm) – Fairfax County Courthouse, 4000 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22030

  7. Other Community Issues:










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